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We provide hydrofracking services in Central Jersey for low yield water wells. Our Central Jersey hydrofracking service can increase the water yield of your well.

Are you tired of low water yields and worrying about the lifespan of your water well? If so, our Central Jersey hydrofracking services may be the solution you've been searching for. At D & L Well Drilling & Pump Company we use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to safely and effectively increase the water yield of your well, giving you more water and peace of mind. Our Central Jersey hydrofracking process is designed to rejuvenate your well and extend its lifespan, saving you money and ensuring that you have a reliable source of water for years to come.

D & L Well Drilling & Pump Company | Central Jersey Hydrofracking Service

What is Hydrofracking Used For?

Our Central Jersey hydrofracking service is used to increase the water well yields in new construction deep wells that have low production rates. It can also be used in older wells where production rate has slowed due to mineralization, blocking water producing fractures – as in the case where a well has a high concentration of iron, calcium, or any other sediment, which can also cause issues in your plumbing system.

Our hydrofracking service can be an effective way to increase the yield of water wells in Central Jersey that have become less productive over time due to clogged fractures or other factors. A study conducted by the National Ground Water Association found that hydrofracking can increase the yield of a well by an average of 50 to 150 percent!

The effectiveness of hydrofracking in Central Jersey to increase water yield in water wells can vary depending on several factors, including the geological characteristics of the well, the depth of the well, and the quality of the water-bearing formations. In some cases, hydrofracking can significantly increase water yield and extend the life of a well that would otherwise be abandoned due to low productivity!

D & L Well Drilling & Pump Company | Central Jersey Hydrofracking Service

Our Hydrofracking Services in Central Jersey

Our Central Jersey hydrofracking service (also called "hydrofracturing") involves injecting water, under extremely high pressure, into a bedrock formation via your water well. This works to flush and remove small particles and rock fragments from the existing bedrock fractures, clearing and increasing their size, which allows water to flow into the well at increased rates. It also produces a larger network of water bearing fractures in the bedrock, which leads to an increased supply of water.

We perform a water pump test on your Central Jersey well within a day after the hydrofracking procedure is done, to determine the amount of water increased in the low yielding water well as a result of the hydrofracking.

The History of Hydrofracking

Fracking was first developed in oil fields as a means of increasing oil production, and has been only recently adapted by the water well industry. In a short time, hydrofracking has become the preferred method used for developing bedrock wells with low yields. Previous methods included blasting with dynamite, which we cannot do in New Jersey anymore!

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