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Other Well Services

We provide a variety of water well services in Central Jersey, including well repair, well extensions, well chlorination, and water treatment.

Central Jersey Water Well Repair

We will meet with you at your Central Jersey area location to analyze the problem with your water well, and then review suggestions based on the outcome of the situation. Our Central Jersey well repair specialist has the experience and skill to repair most wells, depending on the situation.

Water Well Extensions in Central Jersey

Upon the service of an older well, it is required to be brought to "grade", meaning the new requirements of an existing well. Many years ago, older wells were buried and not exposed after they were drilled, and no rules were put in place. Today, a water well must be extended 12", or in some locations 18", depending on the property location and ordinances for that township, and the well head must be sticking out of the ground.

At D & L Well Drilling & Pump Company, we prefer to provide our Central Jersey water well extension service with the steel casing that the original well was drilled with. This process also exposes the well head so you now know where your well is located. You can put a decorated plastic rock over it for protection, which can be removed if the well needs to be serviced.

It is highly recommended that you do not construct any decks or sheds over the location of the well, because if the well pump needs to be serviced or a break develops in the water line, everything will have to be dug up!

Water Well Chlorination

Our Central Jersey well chlorination service is performed after your water system has been installed in a new drilled well and the plumbing is complete in the household, either new or existing. With a service call for repair, unless the submersible pump is replaced, then it is not done. If the submersible pump is replaced, then chlorination is added to the service. The chlorine will proceed through the water system and water tank in the house, and initially you may smell the chlorine, but that will dissipate.

If you want to have a water test performed on an existing Central Jersey water well, this is the best process to get a good water test. You will have to "flush" the system after having the water sit for 24 hours, then discharge the water through a garden house from an outside faucet or the faucet on the bottom of the water tank, and run it for some time. Then take a sample of the water with the test bottle obtained, or by the water testing company. Do not take the water sample from the kitchen or bathroom sinks, as these areas have the most bacteria in a household, and the test sample may fail.

Water Treatment, Conditioning, and Softener Systems

We provide water conditioning, treatment and softener systems and services in Central Jersey, based on water test results of the quality of the water. We have a family owned company that we have worked with for over 35 years, with a very good name, reputation and honesty, who knows the industry and products and how to obtain the best quality of water for your household.

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